I have know John Chevalier for more than 30 years as a partner in ministry, business and as a close friend.  John is professional, responsible and innovative.  He is a multi-talented, hands on leader.  John’s perspectives are practical, real, relevant and rational but with an exciting radical edge.  John is a gifted musician, skilled technician, experienced counselor and competent coach.  He is an asset to any business or ministry, bringing leadership, team building and years of walking in integrity to any setting.

Dr. Samuel E. Tillery
Founder/President Vision Aloha Ministries Honolulu, Hawaii

John Chevalier is a great teacher. Not only does John possess technical subject matter expertise, but also he has a real desire to see his students excel.  This is evident in his engaging approach to teaching. He treats people with respect, and as a result, is a trusted mentor and key community member. He is generous with his time, and his connections, and goes above and beyond to facilitate, lead and/or participate in the development of alliances that provide innovative solutions whether technical, educational, career, and/or business in nature. He is one of the most dedicated people I have ever met.

Cindy Butner
Marketing Director The Press Democrat, Santa Rosa, California

I have had the opportunity to observe first hand, the life of John Chevalier for over ten years. The constant focus of his efforts has been to reach out to people where they are, and using a variety of venues to help them move toward wholeness.

John Atherton
Founder Bridges Community, Chattanooga, Tennessee

John is a highly qualified and professional educator who does more than just teach kids. He is passionate about his students, his programs and his community. This is evidenced by the many jobs, responsibilities and activities he gets his hands on. Without a doubt, everything that John touches becomes a success. Rest assured that great things will come out of any partnership with him.

John Curry, 

Superintendent Weaver Union School District, Merced, California

I have had the honor to work with John for the past 7 years at various conferences. He is an excellent leader and effective instructor who has a way of communicating his heart along with sharing his skill. John is honest, dependable and eager to humbly serve in any capacity needed. His sense of humor and lightheartedness make him a joy to work with.

Rich Severson
Founder/Instructor Guitar College, Coarsegold, California

John is awesome!  In fact, I have never met a teacher who cares more for his students and profession.  He is an extraordinarily competent instructor and life coach — sharing an enthusiasm for learning that motivates students of all ages to excel to their personal best.  His catalytic classroom approach sparks techniques that launch students to a higher level.  Highly qualified, motivated, and dedicated to his passion of training leaders, he is an inspiration to all who meet and work with him.  With his practical down to earth style, John incorporates academics with real life situations…empowering his students to transition from instruction to impact, a trait I greatly admire.  John is ready for the excitement and opportunities of new partnerships and I highly recommend him!

Jo Ann Bursick
Professional fundraiser MPA Board Member, Healdsburg Education Foundation

I appreciate John’s enthusiasm and commitment to high quality, cutting edge Education for our students.  John is an inspiration to me and to other teachers.  Here in lies his gift as a leader in Career Technical Education and, specifically, in our Regional Occupational Program.

Stephen Jackson, Director
Career Development Sonoma County Office of Education

John Chevalier embodies the key elements of a strong teacher – creativity, clarity, charisma, and exemplary communication skills.    His true passion is not limited to digital arts, but to helping students find their inner voice and the tools to communicate that to the world.  As a colleague, John motivates teachers, and his educational partners alike, to do what is right for students, despite the often-significant obstacles.  We are most fortunate to have John’s leadership and creativity in our school community, forging new and innovative paths for student success.

Pamela Swan
Former Director Healdsburg Education Foundation

John is an excellent instructor who is always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty for his students, his school, and his community. Among John’s greatest strengths are his ability to connect well with students, his keen understanding of his subject matter, his willingness to continue to seek out professional development opportunities to improve his knowledge and instructional practices, and his positive attitude. I can give John my highest recommendation without any reservations.

Dan Blake
Career Development Specialist Sonoma County Office of Education

John Chevalier has altered the whole direction of his life because of his passion to help others. He has brought discipline alongside that passion to become effective in both leading people, and in helping others to learn to do the same. John will not only educate both your people and your leaders, he will inspire them. John brings both teaching and inspiration to the task. Your people will benefit from his labor among you, no question about it.

John Strong
Former Senior Pastor Redwood Covenant Church, Santa Rosa, California

John is an excellent teacher. His calming personality makes you feel completely comfortable, even when you’re making mistakes. He is always encouraging and positive. If you want to learn Final Cut Pro X in a fun, engaging atmosphere, take John’s class.

Scott Greenwood
Adult Education Student, Santa Rosa, California

“I worked with John on a few recording projects. He is an excellent musician, entrepreneur and trainer. I also have seen John in action as a trainer in both the audio-visual as well as musical arenas . His expertise as a skilled trainer is evident in the way he can make complex concepts easily understandable. I would recommend John for any teaching or speaking engagements in music, audio-visual, or other areas of his expertise.”

Ron Ferlito
Senior Managing Partner / Business Operations Manager Mountain View Productions,

John has all the qualities you would want in a teammate. He is an excellent communicator and educator, dynamic and relevant. He is a skillful artist, creative and committed to the highest quality. He is a superb leader, genuine and inspirational. He brings with him a wealth of experience with a huge heart for loving and serving people. I have been blessed to have him involved in the Christian Guitar & Bass Conferences over the years, but even more blessed to know him as a friend. I highly recommend him.

Reggie Coates
Executive Director Christian Guitar & Bass Conferences. Mount Herman, California

I took John Chevaliers Final Cut Pro X class though the Sonoma County Office of Educations Adult Ed Program. John has a knack for instructing, making class fun and educational in a very comfortable environment.  This was a great jump start to my video editing.

Jonathan Clegg Adult Education Student, Santa Rosa, California