About John

John has been teaching and training both youth and adults for over 35 years. 

He is a certified trainer in Adult, Child, and Infant CPR-AED/First Aid, in AVERT (Active Violence Emergency Response Training), as well as a Certified Personal Defense Readiness Fundamentals Coach – A Division of Blauer Tactical Systems.

His goal is to help individuals and companies be safer and save lives by training in Personal Self Defense and knowing how to respond in an Active Shooter situation.

John is a licensed security guard with the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services and is also a professional educator, teaching Career & Technical Education classes to high school students in Northern California.

He has been a featured speaker at many technical, leadership, and educational events, such as the National Association of Broadcasters Convention, the INFOCOMM Convention, the California League of Schools Annual Conferences, and the Educating for Careers Conferences in Northern California. 

When he’s not in a classroom somewhere you can find him home with his family or performing as a local musician at clubs, wineries, and private events.