About John

John has been teaching and training for over 35 years.  Much of his background is in leadership development and team building, but he is also an Apple Certified Trainer in video editing, a certified trainer in Adult, Child and Infant CPR-AED / First Aid, and an AVERT (Active Violence Emergency Response Trainer) for Active Shooter situations.  John is a professional educator, teaching Career & Technical Education classes in Northern California where he currently teaching Audio & Video Technology courses to high school students. 

Before becoming a high school teacher, John spent over 25 years in management & leadership in both the public and private sectors. Through this he has developed some of the most practical training in leadership, team building, and music and multi-media communication. He has used his leadership skills and team-building principles to better equip schools, churches, small businesses and nonprofit corporations.  His recent focus is in he area of health and safety, helping schools and businesses be prepared in the event of active violence and health emergencies. 

Besides his local training and high school classes, John has been a featured speaker at many technical, leadership, and education events, such as the California League of Schools Annual Conference and the Educating for Careers Conferences in Northern California.

When he’s not in a classroom somewhere you can find him home with his family or out performing as a local musician at clubs, wineries and private events.