We offer training in the areas of Personal Defense Readiness, Active Shooter Response, CPR-AED / First Aid and Educational Excellence. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us.

“Your ability to protect yourself or a loved one is inarguably the singlemost important skill you can possess.”
-Coach Tony Blauer

Coach Blauer’s focus, our mission and path, has not wavered since he began teaching real-world self-defense in 1979… He has been on the cutting-edge of reality-based training for the self-defense world ever since. His goal has always been to make the world safer. Starting with you!

We are proud to be an authorized affiliate of the Blauer SPEAR System®.

Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT) gives you the tools to understand how to recognize warning signs and react quickly in an active shooter situation. This certification level class gives you skills to help you before, during, and after an active shooter in public, at your business, school, or house of worship.

You will also learn potential life saving techniques on how to control bleeding in life-threatening situations.

AVERT is active shooter response training with the addition of techniques on how to stop life threatening bleeding.

We also offer a variety of classes authorized through the Health & Safety Institute in conjunction with CRES Training.

Classes offered are Adult, Child and Infant CPR-AED, as well as, Adult & Pediatric First Aid and others. These classes come in various formats and can be structured to your needs.