John has spoken to groups as small as 5 and as large as 2000 at both national and local conferences and training events. His goal is always encouragement and building up people to fulfill their calling. He has taught on various topics at the National Association of Broadcasters Conference, INFOCOMM, California League of Schools Conference, Educating for Careers Conference and various leadership training conferences.

John’s areas of strength are Overcoming Obstacles, Discovering Your Vision, Team Building, Leadership & Program Development as well as Multimedia Communication.  His specific areas of specialty are; Leadership, Team-Building, Health & Safety, Education Program/Student Development and Active Shooter.  John is known for his straightforward approach and his practical style of teaching.

If you’re interested in having John speak at your conference, organization or event, he is available to help you in the following ways.

* Workshops (1-3 Hours)
* Seminars (1 -2 Days)
* Conferences (Larger Events)